How to Fill Tires with Air

Filling a tire with air


Your tires need to be inflated at the proper level so your car can keep running in top condition on the Dayton roads. Proper inflation also maximizes your fuel economy, improves the quality of your rides, and helps you maintain the overall handling of your vehicle. Fortunately, the process of adding air to your tires is relatively straightforward as long as you follow the correct steps. The service team at Voss Honda has all the details on car tire pressure in the guide below. Read on, then check out our other service tips and tricks!



Adding Air to Tires: Step-by-Step Guide

Filling up your tires to the proper level isn’t something to be intimidated by, but it’s important that you follow the steps. Head over to your local Troy gas station and do the following:

  • Locate the air dispenser and pull up to it.
  • Make sure the air hose reaches all four tires.
  • Remove the cap from the tire valve on the first tire.
  • Use your tire gauge to check the air pressure in the tire.
  • Repeat the above process for the other three tires.

You may find that the air hose gauges at the gas station aren’t 100% reliable and may give you slightly inaccurate numbers. This is because driving to the station causes your tires to heat up and expand, which increases the tire pressure numbers. Be sure to add air in short bursts and only top off the air that was lost before visiting the dispenser.

You don’t want to overinflate your tires, but if you do find that you’ve added too much air, don’t worry – just release the excess air. You can do this by pressing the pin on the tire valve with the back of the air hose nozzle, or using the small knob on the back of the rounded end of the tire gauge. Don’t be surprised or discouraged if you have to adjust the tire pressure a few times – it takes practice!

How Much Air Should I Put in My Tires?

Drivers come to our service center all the time wondering, “How much air should I put in my tires?” This is a very common question, and the answer varies depending on the vehicle and its tires. It can usually be answered by looking for a sticker inside the driver’s side door, but otherwise you can find it in your owner’s manual. In general, the correct car tire pressure is around 32 to 35 psi when cold. There are some important things you should keep in mind as you inflate your tires:

  • Don’t inflate them to the numbers printed on the actual tire. This is the maximum amount of pressure the tire can hold, not the number you should actually fill it to.
  • If you don’t keep your tires at the proper level of inflation, they’ll wear out quicker and need to be replaced more frequently, which can get costly.
  • If your car is hard to handle and your ride is bouncier than usual, you’ve likely overinflated your tires and need to let a bit of air out.

Monitor Your Car Tire Pressure with Voss Honda!

If you need any help with your tires, whether they need to be rotated or replaced, Voss Honda is here to help! You can schedule a service appointment right from our website, and we’ll have you back on the Sidney roads in no time. Feel free to contact our office with any questions, or for more information about the services we offer.


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