Hand Car Wash vs. Touchless Car Wash

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It’s time for spring cleaning! And as the winter blues rolls off our backs, so should the grime coating your vehicle! Everyone in Dayton knows how to do a hand car wash, but does a hand wash car wash offer advantages over a touchless car wash? And what kinds of things can a drive-through wash do that a hand wash car wash can’t? The service center at Voss Honda covers the ins and outs of washing your car below!



Hand-Wash Car Wash: Method and Benefits

Whether you grew up with it as a chore or you’re someone that enjoys the DIY experience of cleaning out their vehicle, many in Troy argue that hand car washes are the best way to get a squeaky clean vehicle. Here are some pros and cons for a hand car wash:

Hand Car Wash Pros: 

    • Thoroughness: The most thorough method of washing your car is a hand car wash, as this is the only way to scrub those hand-to-reach spaces in your undercarriage and more. 
    • Cheap: Once you’ve bought the cleaning products you need, a hand wash car wash doesn’t cost you a cent! 
  • Choosing Your Cleaning Products: In today’s market, it’s easier than ever to research and purchase the cleaning products that you prefer and that your vehicle needs for an optimal clean. 

Hand Car Wash Cons

  • You Might Not Have Space: Some people in urbans areas don’t have the large space and tools needed to clean the car by hand. 
  • Expensive with Professionals: Getting a professional hand car wash can be a costly endeavor. 
  • Possible Damage to Your Car: Being too rough on delicate surfaces, using the wrong product, and accidentally breaking something — these are all risks that professional and touchless car washes are meant to alleviate. 

Touchless Car Wash Facts 

As a kid in Sidney, you probably loved going through a touchless, mechanized car wash. These quick and easy facilities are a lot more affordable than a professional hand was car wash, but there are other factors to consider:

Hands-Free Car Wash Pros 

  • Convenience: The convenience of a quick, cheap, 10-minute touchless car wash can’t be overstated.
  • Easy on Paint: The products and operations of a touchless car wash are designed for virtually every car, and they won’t wear down your vehicle’s coat. 
  • Affordable: Not only is the touchless car wash quick, it’s also entirely automated, making it cheap. 

Hands-Free Car Wash Cons

    • Superficial: Because of the way it’s designed, there are bound to be some parts of your vehicle that still have dirt and grime on them after a touchless car wash. 
    • Water Spots: These are caused by the air dryers at the end of the touchless car wash cycle.
  • Improper Cleaning Fluids: While we noted above that these are designed for general use, some special paint coats or materials could be harmed by the cleaning products on a touchless car wash. 

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