3 Reasons you'll want a Honda Civic over a Toyota Corolla

August 30th, 2018 by

The Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla have been rivals since the beginning of the time, and both are leaders in this segment. Here are three reasons we think you’ll love the Honda Civic more than the Toyota Corolla!

Infotainment Technology

The base Honda Civic doesn’t have a touchscreen, but all the other trims come with one that’s 7-inches. Once you get a touchscreen you also get to use either Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™! These smartphone integrations display your brand-specific icons on the touchscreen. If you don’t have a phone from either maker you can still use the HondaLink™ system.

Smart auto brands are starting to give shoppers access to these integrations, but not everyone is on board. Even though all Corolla’s have a touchscreen, you’ll have to use the Entune system exclusively. In fact, Toyota only just started teaming up with Apple CarPlay™ for their redesigned 2019 Avalon model, and Android Auto™ is still unavailable.


No one is expecting an entry-level sedan to win any drag races across the Troy, Tipp City, Dayton, Beavercreek and Fairborn areas we serve, but the 1.8L 132- or 140-horsepower engines for the Corolla are incredibly lackluster and don’t inspire much confidence if you need to pass on the highway! Conversely, the Civic has two stout engines. The 2.0L has 158 horsepower and the 1.5L has 174 horsepower. You’ll get confidence and a bit of excitement.


You know what they say: variety is the spice of life. The Civic’s most popular look is the sedan, but there are other body styles in the family! There’s the sporty Si, a coupe, a hatchback with notable cargo space, and the enthusiast-baiting Honda Civic Type R. At our dealership we have a good mix of sedan, hatchback, and coupe models for shoppers to check out. The Corolla, however, only comes in the sedan body style.

Both cars are reputable, reliable, and have a solid history. However, we think the Civic still has a leg up thanks to the enhanced infotainment features, stronger engines, and body style options!

Stop into our dealership this week to test drive our selection, or learn more through an in depth comparison of the Honda Civic vs. the Toyota Corolla!
Source: Voss Honda

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